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2020 YTD Total: 882
About us

The Blair Volunteer Fire Department has been serving Blair and the surrounding communities with fire & rescue protection with 100% volunteer professionalism since 1870. 


The mission of the Blair Volunteer Fire & Rescue Departments is to minimize the loss of life and property, pain and suffering experienced by residents of the City of Blair and the Blair Rural Fire District and surrounding area due to man-made or natural cause or disaster. We will achieve this goal by providing the highest quality of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.





How We Roll
Current Calls
As of 1/31/22
2016 YTD Total: 867
2015 Total: 836
2014 Total: 784
2013 Total: 752
Fire Calls: 78
Fire Alarms: 16
Firefighter Hours: 527
Fire Training Hours: 449
Rescue Calls: 297
EMS Hours: 908
Rescue Training Hours: 205
2019 YTD Total: 898
2018 YTD Total: 879
2021 YTD Total: 1,050
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