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2020 YTD Total: 882
It's all about giving.  The volunteers dedicated to the community of Blair do not give of their time and talents for money, for recognition or for glory.  They provide saftey and education to the community of Blair because they care...they care about all the resident of Blair and endeavour to keep everyone safe from harm caused either by fire or by unforeseen tragedies that can affect us at a moments notice.  All the members of the department are the unsung heroes that give the Blair Community a sense of pride.

For information on our services or to become a member, please fill out the below form.

Blair Vol. Fire & Rescue


South Station (District 1)

218 S. 16th Street
Blair, NE 68008

Tel: 402-426-4262



North Station (District 2)

19th & Nebraska

Blair, NE  68008


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Current Calls
As of 1/31/22
2016 YTD Total: 867
2015 Total: 836
2014 Total: 784
2013 Total: 752
Fire Calls: 78
Fire Alarms: 16
Firefighter Hours: 527
Fire Training Hours: 449
Rescue Calls: 297
EMS Hours: 908
Rescue Training Hours: 205
2019 YTD Total: 898
2018 YTD Total: 879
2021 YTD Total: 1,050
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