District 1

Fire Car 1

Make: Chevy 1500
Model: Suburban
Year: 2011
Primary Use: Chief's Rapid Response Vehicle for Incident Command


Make: Ford F-450
Model: Ulti-Medic
Year: 2005 Ford F-450
Primary Use: Vehicle dispatched for Road Rescue incidents


Make: Ford F-350
Model: Smeal Firetruck Mini
Year: 1989 
Specs: 250 gallon tank
Primary Use: Quick Attack truck for Grass/Wildland fires


Make: E-One
Model: Cyclone
Year: 2006
Specs: GVW 42700; Height -10'5"; Length -30'5"; 2000 gpm pump; 1000 gallon tank; 20 gallon foam - Type B
Equipment: Jaws of Life Combi-Tool
Primary Use: City Pumper/Extrication Truck 


Make: Spartan Gladiator
Model: Smeal
Year: 2013 
Specs: 1500 gpm pump; 1000 gallon tank; 10 gallon foam - Type A; 10 gallon foam - Type B
Equipment:Jaws of Life Combi-Tool and Cutter
Primary Use: Rural Pumper / Extrication Truck


Make: International 4900
Model: Fireline
Specs:1500 gallon tank; 500 gpm pump
Equipment: Portable Dump Tank
Primary Use: Rural Tanker
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