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District 2

Fire Car 2

Make: Dodge Ram 1500
Model: Quad Cab
Year: 2005
Primary Use: Secondary Chief Vehicle and Miscellaneous Training Transportation


Make: Ford F-450
Model: Ulti-Medic
Year: 2011 Ford F-450
Primary Use: Vehicle dispatched for Road/Rescue incidents


Make: Dodge Ram 5500
Model: Weis
Year: 2008
Specs: 250 gallon tank; 5 gallon foam
Equipment: Ramsey Winch
Primary Use: Quick attack truck for Grass/Wildland fires


Make: E-One
Model: Cyclone
Year: 2002
Specs: 1000 gpm pump; 1250 gallon tank
Equiptment: Pneumatic Quick Dump; Portable Dump Tank
Primary Use: Rural Pumper/tanker used to haul water on rural fires. 


Make: F-100
Model: E-One with 100ft Bronto Skylift
Year: 2005
Specs: 2000 gpm pump; 300 gallon tank
Equipment: Ladders (Extensions - 24' and 35' and Roof ; 16' and 18'); Roof Chainsaw and K-12 (both gas powered and hydraulic from bucket)
Primary Use: Aerial/Ladder Truck


Make: Freightliner
Model: E-One
Year: 1999 
Specs: GVW 40,000
Equipment: Jaws of Life Combi-Tool and Cutter; Cribbing; Airbottles; Air Bags; Hand Tools; HAZMAT
Primary Use: Equipment Truck

Decon Trailer

Make: Haulmark Transport
Model: DLX
Year: 2004
Specs: 6' x 11'
Equipment: NEMA Decon
Primary Use: Decontamination and Grain Extrication

Rescue Boat

Make: Alumacraft
Model: Flat Bottom Rescue Boat
Year: 2013
Specs: 20'; 115 hp Mercury Outboard; 8 person; 18 gallon fuel tank
Equipment: Portable Pump; room for 2 backboards)
Primary Use: Water Rescue and Shoreline fires or Boat fires
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Current Calls
As of 1/31/22
2016 YTD Total: 867
2015 Total: 836
2014 Total: 784
2013 Total: 752
Fire Calls: 78
Fire Alarms: 16
Firefighter Hours: 527
Fire Training Hours: 449
Rescue Calls: 297
EMS Hours: 908
Rescue Training Hours: 205
2019 YTD Total: 898
2018 YTD Total: 879
2021 YTD Total: 1,050
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